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The only one comfortable bowling in Kiev with 16 lanes, soft sofas and panoramic view on the Dnieper river. It does not matter if you never played bowling in your life – our instructors will teach you play professionally!

Total area: 1000 meters,
Additional information:
• the only one comfortable bowling in Kiev with 16 lanes, soft sofas and panoramic view on the Dnieper river;
• extensive card of vines and cocktails;
• hookah menu;
• proprietary cocktails;
• traditional Italian, Japanese cuisine, grill menu, beer snacks;
• Hi-Fi class acoustic system;
• Wi-Fi.

Price bowling

Days of week/hours 11:00-13:00 13:00-18:00 18:00-1:00 1:00-6:00
Monday 66 UAH 77 UAH 143 UAH  77 UAH
Tuesday 66 UAH 77 UAH 143 UAH 77 UAH
Wednesday 66 UAH 77 UAH 143 UAH 77 UAH
Thursday 66 UAH 77 UAH 143 UAH 77 UAH
Friday 66 UAH 77 UAH 198 UAH 143 UAH
Saturday 143 UAH 176 UAH 198 UAH 143 UAH
Sunday 143 UAH 176 UAH 198 UAH 77 UAH

Special tariff for holidays and days off (Saturday)

Reservations by telephone: 495-55-04 or 495-55-24

Bowling – sport and entertainment for a friendly company or family.

Bowling is a very funny and interesting game where balls and skittles are used. This game has centuries-old history and traditions. And these traditions are well kept till nowadays: the way the lane is treated, the length it has, the weight and size of balls and skittles, special shoes to be worn. Bowling is practically the oldest type of sport whose roots go back into the distant past, into the Ancient Egypt. It is in one of the Egyptian burial places that were found the objects very similar in its form to modern bowling balls and skittles. This theory is considered worldwide to be true and everybody believes the Egypt was the forefather of bowling. Bowling in Kiev is developing with a very high speed. This concerns bowling as an entertainment as well as a sport. Many people in our country became fans of this new game and bowling is now very popular in Ukraine within all social levels of the population, especially within young people. Popularity of bowling is growing every day and we can see even the first attempts to bring this sport into a professional level.

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